Terms & Conditions

The following changes are effective as of February 18, 2020 and apply to EVERY CLIENT: regular, standing, long time client or new, the policy change is for EVERYONE. Because we are changing our business hours, unfortunately if you have pre booked an appointment outside of those hours, that appointment is no longer valid.

1. We are switching our booking system. We no longer will use Gloss Genius to book. The new booking system will be available on PranaForHair.com on Tuesday Feb. 18, 2020. Please note the website will not be open until that date. If you have an appointment booked within the new time frame, it will automatically be transferred over. New service prices apply effective Tuesday February 18, 2020 regardless of when you booked.

2. No more double booking. Your appointment time is yours. This means reduced wait times and a better overall salon experience. This is one of the biggest complaints we get and in order to address it, I am asking you to work with me and be here at your scheduled appointment. No more last minute moving around, no more texting the week of to get in. Simply book online at least a week or two before your desired appointment date and show up then. I’ll do my part and show up, ON TIME , ready to do your hair. We will continue to layer our booking for efficiency but service no more than 8 clients daily.

3. Book what you need. Please do NOT book a major reshape simply to get on the books , when in actuality you may need a relaxer, rinse and a major reshape. If the schedule isn’t allowing you to book what you need, call and let us know so we can properly map out each day and how long each service will take and find a way to accommodate you. If you book a minor reshape or only a part of the service you need and fail to communicate with us AT THE TIME OF BOOKING your appointment date that you need something more, the day of your appointment all we can offer you is what you booked!!!!

4. Hair Color Consultations can only be booked on Tuesdays.

5. We no longer offer evening hours. Service hours are from 8a and the last appointment booked by 3p Tuesday-Friday and Saturday 6a-12noon

6. PLEASE BOOK ONLINE or book before you leave. We no longer will offer standing or reoccurring appointments. PLEASE RE-BOOK YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Our books will be open 3 weeks in advance. To cancel, reschedule, or communicate any adjustments to your appointment, go to PranaForHair.com , call the salon 1-773-530-0667 or text 1-773-853-4705

7. Online booking requires a non refundable reservation fee of $40, the reservation fee will be deducted from the total cost of your service so long as you arrive at your scheduled appointment. Any last minute cancellation/reschedule (a cancel/reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment), being more than 20 minutes late for your appointment or any no shows invalid your appointment and forfeit your reservation fee.

8. Our cancellation/no show policy is still the same. You have 24 hours prior to your appointment to cancel or reschedule. After that you are responsible for 50% of the cost of your scheduled service. No Call/ No Show is responsible for 100% of appointment cost in order to obtain a new appointment.

9. Pay for the services you get. We no longer are able to offer weekly or bi-weekly regular client price breaks. This is huge for me personally, as I know how many of you have been apart of my career for so long. Although I appreciate you ladies and wish to continue to show that appreciation through keeping relatively low pricing , it’s not practical in being efficient, using higher end products, and providing quality hair care.

10. Pay before you leave the salon. Zelle, Venmo, CashApp and PayPal can no longer be sent after you leave. We will be closing out each client’s visit before they leave the salon and rescheduling clients then. If you are accustomed to paying on the go or on your payday, unfortunately we can no longer offer that as an option.

The following is the service price menu as of Feb 18, 2020.

*Essential Shampoo Style $80

*Natural Hair Blow Out and Silk Press $90

*Hair Consultation $40

*A “Few Wefts” Bonded $60 (10 or less wefts)

*A “Few Wefts” Micro Linked $130 (10 or less wefts)

*Relaxer $110

*Partial Relaxer $95

*Major Reshape (new clients or cut older than 6 weeks) $70

*Minor Reshape (cut 6 weeks old or less) $35

*Semi Permanent Color $30

*Demi Permanent Color $40

*Single Process Hair Color $200

*Double Process Hair Color starting at $300

*Prana Custom Creative Process Hair Color starting at

We will continue to offer complimentary conditioner treatments and scalp detox treatments as a standard of great hair care with every eligible service. Please keep in mind that all services are a la Carte, meaning each price is separate.

I do know for whatever reason, the change of business hours or the price increase may not work for some of you. And although I’d like all the clients to come along with us on this new journey of excellence, I understand that everyone may not be able to go. If you need help finding another stylist to accommodate you, search the hashtag #ChicagoStylist .

Thank you all in advance and let’s all enjoy a better hair experience, here at Prana For Hair!